AIP Video Files

The American Indian Program understands that we live in a place where internet access is not equal. As we have our digital divide due to the geographic features or infrastructure of our state, we still wanted to provide a way to access our videos. This is available for download and watching at your pleasure. If you can stream video, we invite you to visit our youtube page at YouTube@AIP-NMSU

2020-2021 Events

AIP Welcome Back Fall 2020 Part 1 – Administration Low-Res File

AIP Welcome Back Fall 2020 Part 2 – Faculty and Programs Low-Res File

AISC 10th Anniversary Part 1: The start of the ten-year journey Low-Res File 

AISC 10th Anniversary Part 2: Construction and the Grand Opening, The end of the first ten-year journey Low-Res File

Fall 2020 AIP Graduation Recognition Ceremony Low-Res File

Men of Color and AIP Keep it Moving Dance Fitness Low-Res File

AIP Mini Big Read – The Removed, by Dr. Brandon Hobson Low-Res File

AISC 10th Anniversary Part 3: Ten years at the American Indian Student Center Low-Res File


AIP Video Conference Backgrounds