Requests for Conference Funding

The American Indian Program encourages students to expand their educational experience via conference attendance.  Conferences offer students networking opportunities, additional insight into the potential career paths, and opportunities to present research you are conducting.  Students may request financial assistance to offset the costs of registering for such conferences.

To request funding, contact our office at Your email should include:

  • A proposal detailing the conference you wish to attend (name, date, location, or conference) and
  • How the material covered during the event specifically relates to/ furthers your education.
  • Total travel amount and requested funding amount.

Students approved for funding are also required to present the conference prior to the end of the semester. Enhancing your skills is an essential part of conference attendance. We also want you to move past networking into presenting a poster or research and facilitating or serving on a panel or workshop. Our hope is your attendance will encourage others by way of example. Depending on the course of the semester, the presentation may be virtual or in-person.  The department administrative assistant will work to coordinate a time that can work for your schedule.