A Great Place to Know

The American Indian Student Center (AISC) functions to provide a welcoming and supportive environment where students feel that they have a community away from home. The presence of the AISC exemplifies NMSU’s commitment to the recruitment and retention of American Indian students through degree completion. It is a place for studying, programming, student organization meetings, social engagement, and student community building. The AISC houses the AIP and has a kitchen, commons, study area, meditation room, and a multipurpose room for programming. The building is Wi-Fi equipped and is housed with computers. It provides an environment of learning and cultural sharing for ALL students and the entire NMSU community. The center is 7,451 sq. ft. and is divided into two wings, east wing and west wing.

East Wing

This section of the AISC houses the American Indian Program staff. As you enter into the East wing you are greeted by a reception area and the AIP Administrative Assistant, offices for the Director and the Program Coordinator, the Library and Conference Room are house beyond the front desk area.

West Wing

This wing has areas that were built with students in mind.


The Commons is a dedicated student space. It serves as a place for social interaction and engagement. Students have access to sofas where they can sit and take a breather from walking around campus. Computers are also available for checking one’s email, Facebook page, MyNMSU, Canvas, or just to browse the web. The Commons houses a small area where a student can store and reheat a meal in between classes or meetings in addition to a seating area.

Study/West Training Room

The Study/West Training Room is a place where students have a nice quiet place to work on academics. The area has large tables to spread out work or have a study session with friends. Academic usage computers are also in the room so you can work on your essays, Canvas assignments or any other academic computer maters. This room can also be used for programs that the American Indian Program puts on. The sink in the rooms comes with a filter to accommodate the collection of art materials, used in various demonstrations of art.

North Training Room

This is a true multipurpose room. The American Indian Program has various events for its Peer Mentor Program, Workshops, Guest Visits, and Trainings. Additionally our students organization’s are able to utilize this room as a meeting space for their business meetings.